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Service Time For Residential Air Conditioners!

Airconditioning Australia

After a long hot summer, your air conditioner will benefit from a clean & operational check to ensure it is hygienic & ready to keep up with your demand for the changing season.




A service by Faircloth & Reynolds would include;

  • General clean of indoor filters & facia
  • Treatment of facia with sanitising surface cleaner
  • Inspection of indoor coil for cleanliness (report deep cleaning requirements)
  • Apply coil treatment to promote cleanliness & reduce odours
  • Flush of drainage system
  • Inspect outdoor coil for cleanliness, wash down
  • Check for corrosion & make recommendations for treatment where applicable
  • Check condition of pipes, insulation, cables & conduits
  • Check refrigerant valves are capped & tight to avoid refrigerant leaks
  • Check unit is level & sound
  • Run indoor & outdoor units
  • Confirm correct operation, refrigerant charge & overall performance

    Residential Hi-wall Split System Service - $99.00
    Additional Hi-Wall units - $65.00
    Residential Ducted System Service - $125 (per ducted system)

*Excludes repair of any faults found during the service
*Assumes clear & safe access available to equipment

Optional - Deep clean & Sanitize of Indoor Fan coil units


Airconditioning Australia

  • Improved hygiene of the air you and your family breathe
  • Eliminate odours caused by debris & growth within fan/coil & drains
  • Removal of bacteria & mould 
  • Restore efficiency of the system
  • Increase airflow

Airconditioning Australia

Airconditioning Australia

Improve cooling/heating capacity
Save energy and $$$$$
A thorough clean/flush of drainage will reduce the likelihood of damage to walls, floors, furniture & appliances in the vicinity of the system

Our trained technicians use a range of products designed for the HVAC industry & the specific task of deep cleaning your domestic or commercial A/C system.

We use specialised cleaning equipment to ensure we capture all cleaning product & residue throughout the process & leave your home as we found it with the exception of a much cleaner, healthier & efficient A/C system.

  • Residential Hi-wall Split System deep chemical clean - $99.00
  • Additional units - $65.00
  • All Ducted Systems - subject to obligation free quote


Optional- Preventative Corrosion Treatment

Corrosion of the outdoor coil and casing are a common cause of failure & often the reason for replacing domestic & commercial air-conditioning systems.

Deterioration of outdoor coils due to corrosion means lost heat transfer & increased running costs.

Life cycle can be greatly extended & efficiency maintained by taking a preventative approach through regular wash down & periodic application of corrosion inhibitor.

Our trained technicians will chemically clean your unit & allow to dry before returning to apply a transparent coating to the coil, copper return bends, accessible components & panels.

Best results are achieved if adopting this process before corrosion has had the chance to set in & take hold.

Any existing accessible rust can be spot treated with converter prior to inhibitor application. While we cannot remove existing corrosion easily, we can slow the progression promoting efficiency & longevity in the hope to save you $$.

Our trained technicians use a range of products designed for the HVAC industry & the specific task of cleaning and treating your outdoor unit on domestic A/C systems.

  • Residential Split System Outdoor treatment - $99.00

*All options are based on local service areas & priced to be done in conjunction with a general service.

If you look around you may find a cheaper price for a similar type of service, but are you getting value for money and the desired result to protect your family & equipment – possibly not!

If you require any assistance with the above items, or any other service relating to heating or cooling, please don’t hesitate to call our office & ask for the service department.

*Terms and Conditions apply

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